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Business Meeting

Schedule a offline business meeting at a designated location

  • 30 min
  • 36 US dollars
  • 海南 Hainan|青岛 Qingdao|西安 Xi'an|深圳 Shenzhen|武汉 Wuhan|成都 Chengdu|杭州 Hangzhou|重庆 Chongqing|广州 Guangzhou|南京 Nanjing|北京 Beijing|上海 Shanghai

Service Description

This order is billed every 30 minutes. Please schedule the meeting at least 2 week in advance, or cancel at least 3 days before the start of the meeting. You can book our offline business meetings in a designated city, but we need to confirm your appointment according to our work or travel schedule first. The meeting will be arranged at the local time of the designated city and the hotel in the city center (our consultation fee includes the hotel reservation fee, you do not need to bear the meeting venue fee). Our staff will contact you after receiving the pre-order. We suggest that you submit a list of questions to us before the formal meeting so that we can better resolve your issues.

Contact Details

  • Hainan, 中国

  • Qingdao, 山东省中国

  • Xian, 陕西省中国

  • Shenzhen, 广东省中国

  • Wuhan, 湖北省中国

  • Chengdu, 四川省中国

  • Hangzhou, 浙江省中国

  • Chongqing, 重庆市中国

  • Guangzhou, 广东省中国

  • Nanjing, 江苏省中国

  • Beijing, 中国

  • Shanghai, 上海市中国

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